17 Thoughts You Have During Your First Yoga Class

There’s nothing quite like that mix of nerves, excitement, and sense of accomplishment you feel during your first yoga class. From your first vinyasa to that post-Savasana peace, the highs and lows of your practice will likely never feel as intense as they do the first time you step into the studio.
Whether you’re a brand new yogi or a seasoned pro whose first class was years ago, here are 17 thoughts you will definitely relate to if you’ve ever been a newbie at a yoga class.

1. It’s so quiet in here. Why is it so quiet?

I can hear myself breathe. Is my breathing always this loud?

2. Everyone knows I’m new at this. It’s so obvious.

I might as well have written ‘noob’ on my forehead.

3. Do my feet smell? I hope my feet don’t smell.

3. do my feet smell

Credit: primogif.com

Ugh, why didn’t I get a manicure?

4. Downward Dog. I know this one!

Psh, and they said yoga was challenging.

5. Wait I forgot how to breathe.

5. Forgot how to breathe

Credit: tenor.co

Focus on my breath? Wut is breathing?

6. Another Down Dog? I thought this pose was supposed to be easy.

6. Downward dog is hard

Credit: pandawhale.com

It went so well the first gazillion times.

7. Grab hold of my toes? Sure, okay…Yeaaahhhh umm…NO.

7. Can't touch toes

Credit: reddit.com

Why don’t YOU grab hold of my toes, instructor.

8. Supta Baddha Ko-whaaa?

8. Supta baddha ko whaa

Credit: giphy.com

Oh. Reclined cobbler’s pose. That makes more sense.

9. Is that an earthquake? Nope, just my muscles shaking.

9. Muscles shaking

Credit: giphy.com

Send help.

10. Hold this pose for one more breath, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Please let it end.

11. Oh God, the sweat. SO much sweat.

I think I’m gonna drown.

12. Wait—now we get to lie down with our eyes closed? YESSSSSS!

12. Savasana

Credit: tenor.co

Savasana? More like savasan-ahhhh, amirite?

13. *Compiles extensive to-do list while trying to clear mind*

13. monkey mind

Credit: tumblr.com

Oh, that’s why they call it the monkey mind.

14. Noooo I’m not ready for savasana to end!

Let me just stay here for like, another hundred years or so.

15. I’m going to sleep SO well tonight.

15. sleep well

Credit: rayiot.org

Babies ain’t got nothing on post-yoga sleep.

16. I just did a whole yoga class I AM A GOD.

16. all powerful

Credit: memecenter.com

Feels good, man!

17. I am SO coming back next week!

Okay I am officially addicted, when can I do this again!?

How many of these can you relate to? Tag a friend who knows what this is like!

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