6 Yoga Poses To Help Boost Fertility

Boosting one’s fertility is not just for women trying to get pregnant. It is beneficial for all women to understand and focus on their reproductive health. Many women you may talk to often have complaints of excessive cramping, bloating, irregular cycles, or are even struggling to get pregnant. As women, we are often told that this is normal. It is not.
So if you have any discomfort or irregularity with your menstruation, now is the time to take your power and health back. Below are some poses that help boost fertility by releasing stress and tension, detoxifying your body, increasing circulation, and aiding your immune system and ovaries to optimal health.

1. Bridge Pose

Credit: Julia Lee

Credit: Julia Lee

Start on your back and take a few moments to breathe and center. It helps to repeat a mantra like this one: “My reproductive system is working the way it is supposed to.” Once you feel centered, bring your heels to your buttocks and raise your hips up to the sky.

This pose helps connect you to your hips, as well as increase the blood flow to your hips and reproductive organs.

2. Yogini Squat

Credit: The Dolphin Method

Credit: The Dolphin Method

Getting into this squat initiates your primal instincts and you instantly experience your inner goddess coming out. When in this pose focus your intention to your pelvic floor muscles. Work on tensing and releasing, as that becomes easier hold those pelvic floor muscles before releasing. Building a strong pelvic floor is helpful in all stages of fertility as well as pregnancy.

3. Cat/ Cow


Many women contract their abdomens all day long creating alignments that are off and blood supplies that are cut off. The fluidity and fun of these poses allows us to let go and reconnect with your hips and breath. This allows you to cultivate a greater awareness with your body and breath in a fun and healthy manor.

4. Butterfly Pose

Credit: The Yoga Emporium

Credit: The Yoga Emporium

This pose stretches your groin and hip areas. When you are sitting in this pose you may feel yourself opening up. It is important to note that this can be a vulnerable stretch but also emotionally and physically healing. To work through this pose use your breath to visualize the toxins or any negative thoughts leaving that area. Then visualize healthy blood flow and positive thoughts or intention replenishing that area.

5. Standing forward bend


This pose stretches important muscles in the lower back. Which improves blood supply to reproductive and nervous systems and releases tension in abdomen. When bending forward, use this as a visualization tool. Picture all your stress, negative thoughts about your health, and tension or pain to form a ball. As you tip down picture that ball rolling from the base of your spine down to your head. When you feel that “weight” lessen really, hang your head heavy with loose shoulders. Stay here as long as feels comfortable.

6. Legs up the wall

legs up the wall pose

Credit: Jessica Rose

This restorative pose has many benefits. The first is the relaxation of the pose. It allows you time to free tension in your body and relinquish stressful thoughts. This pose also stretches and strengthens tired legs, back, and neck. This inversion allows for great blood flow to pelvic region and helps balance hormones.

These yoga poses are a great place to start to improve your fertility. The other yoga tools to consider are affirmations, meditation, pranayama, visualizations, better sleep patterns, and good nutrition. It is important to take time to check in with yourself. If something feels off in your sacral area or you are struggling with unhealthy reproductive health, take time to delve into some fertility yoga poses. Enjoy experiencing that boost of health and fertility!

Image Credit : Stephanie Birch

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