GIVEAWAY – 3 x DOYOUYOGA Premium Access for One Year

If yoga was one of your 2017 resolutions and you “forgot” to start in January, now is the perfect time to get on the mat! And to help you get started, we’re giving three DOYOUYOGA readers a chance to win premium membership for one whole year. This means you get complete and total access to the entire DOYOUYOGA library!

DOYOUYOGA Premium GiveawayWe know you’re busy, so hauling your ass-ana to the studio or gym often feels like too much work. But with DOYOUYOGA Premium, you can easily start and choose from our guided yoga programs that fit your mood, practice level, and daily schedule.

You can track your progress, get rewarded, and stay motivated along the way. Whether you have just a few minutes or an hour, you’ll find the perfect class for your needs. Pick a class with your favorite teacher, and hit play to start practicing. It’s that simple.

Get your yoga on wherever, whenever with a DOYOUYOGA Premium subscription. You can shred with Sadie Nardini, destress and meditate with Faith Hunter, detox with Jessica Rose, or even add Pilates to your workout with Sam Harris-Hughes. What could be better than that?

Here’s How You Join!

Step 1 – Share the Giveaway on Facebook

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Alternatively, you can post a photo tagging @doyouyoga on Instagram!

Step 2 – Leave a Comment Below

That’s it!

The giveaway runs from Wednesday, February 1, 2017 to Tuesday, February 8, 2017. Three randomly selected users will be chosen to win a one year premium subscription to DOYOUYOGA. So make sure to share and comment to enter!

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