105-Year-Old Woman Stays Healthy and Happy With Yoga and Red Wine (VIDEO)

You guys, we’ve found our new hero! Meet Eileen Ash, the lovely, 105-year-old grandma who’s living proof of the wonders that a regular yoga practice and red wine can do for your life.

BBC Radio Norfolk did a fun feature on Eileen to give us a glimpse of her awesome life. She still drives the bright yellow mini (that she bought when she was 90) to yoga class, and she’s been practicing yoga for 30 years!

Her granddaughter Anna also shares that aside from Eileen’s regular yoga practice and two glasses of wine everyday, her secret to health and longevity is also “being eternally optimistic and having a great sense of humour and mischief. She doesn’t moan about anything — she just cracks on.”

If that’s not true yoga AND life inspiration, then we don’t know what is. So if you wanna become an awesome centenarian just like Eileen, you know what to do — drink red wine, stay happy and optimistic, keep practicing yoga and don’t lose your sense of humor!

Image credit: Eastern Daily Press

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